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Ojo con tu ojo is the platform of demands and solidarity created by friends of Ester Quintana.

Protest because we demand a ban on rubber bullets and other projectiles like using the state security bodies; solidarity because the very fact that has motivated the creation of the platform is to support Ester.

Also aware of the reality of our country where police impunity is a verifiable fact, we also require judicial transparency and accountability territory governments to end this impunity unhealthy for a supposed democracy.

From that first moment our lines of action are:

Actions to denounce repressive reality we live, product frighten the political concept of social dissent.
Ester support all possible ways, finding financial means to political solidarities and of course, support mood.
Campaign (or campaigns) to make visible, first, the attack suffered Ester and then the real plot police impunity and political states such impunity.

It is through this print campaign, simple but direct, with the support of many different strata of the public eye to eye with your turns, networking with other organizations such as Stop or rearguard Rubber Bullets in Moviment, a reality.

The progress of the campaign more or less and you must know: thousands and thousands of people, anonymous citizens, families, groups of educators, public shows various workers, primary care centers … All ages, all sexes, all walks of … They have sympathized with Ester while the ban have called rubber bullets and new projectiles used by Mossos a popular wave in social networking tsunami has become …

And people also public massively recognized by their profession, “artists” who have sympathized as people, as human beings, and those who have gone before, aware of the importance that the media would have his left eye image without thanks the cultural mood that Esther developed from social and cultural network in your neighborhood …

On behalf of Ester: Thanks to all! Solidarity is our strength !

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